Naoko Kaneda


These three emotions make me have a camera.

好奇心 情熱 愛


I found a film camera in the relics of my grandfather.
I didn't even know how to use it, but I started shooting with enthusiasm.
A world that would have been invisible appeared before my eyes.



2006 Education: B.F.A in film & performance

Tama Fine Art University

Teaching experience, academic presentation,prize, exhibiton:

Studied under Yoshihiko Ueda (photographer)

2007 Awarded & exhibited in Recruit Gardian Garden “Hitotsubo exhibition”

2007 Awarded & exhibited in Canon new generation photograph contest

(Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography)

2012 Solo Exhibition in Indie Space AGIT

2013-2015 FOUR SEASONS RESORT MALDIVES Resident Photographer

2016- Mamarazzi Photo Studio Singapore Exective Photographer


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